Project Finance

Debt financing is one of the main sources of capital available for all business structures since the equity finance might not be sufficient to fulfill the business operations. The debt financing might be required for the business for several reasons like for business expansions, for smooth running of existing business operations and for not losing management control to others. The well experienced team of N D KUMAR & CO has variety of clients requiring sound analytical, technical skills needing best liaison services for smooth financing.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Analyzing Project and advising on cost management.
  • Prepare Project & Feasibility Reports and helping clients in getting Financial Assistance.
  • Liaison with financial institutions / Funding agencies w.r.t. Debt restructuring
  • Providing Management with minute details at each stage of the Project.
  • Funding from Venture Capitalists / Private equity (PE) players
  • Liaison with Financial Institutions / Funding agencies / Investors to arrange funds for the Existing or New projects with respect to-
    • Term Loans
    • Fund based working capital loans (Overdrafts, Cash credit etc.,)
    • Non fund based working capital loans (BG’s, LC’s etc.,)
    • Mortgage loans
    • Loans against new Plant & Machinery etc.,
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